Hello @csdanis

The relay actuator TF61-R is actually not suitable for switching lights. The TF61L is more suitable for this.
The following is an extract from the product description, see also:


"When linked to an EnOcean button, the relay is only switched when the button is pressed.
Via the app you can switch the relay by holding down a button. The actuator changes state only when the button is pressed.
The switching status can also be changed under the device options (NO / NC). However, this is only possible in service mode.
Note: To link the relay with a button or a rocker, a condition must always be created with "On" or "Off" for each button. "

If you already have the actuators, try teaching them in as TF61L. This should provide you with the right functions for switching lights.

If the actuator cannot be taught:
Check whether the actuator switches after switching on the power supply, if not then the teach-in mode is blocked. Then reset it as described in the instructions. You can use classic buttons (no switches) for the button input.

The actuator can be operated with wibutler with and without a button on the actuator (radio and via the input)