wireless plug also switches other actor

  • Dear all,

    I've recently added the Eltako TF100L-230V wireless powerplug switch. adding to the Wibutler went smooth, it also reacts on switching it on or off (via the phone-app or a time-controlled rule).

    But it is not only the plug that reacts, also a switch in my dinrail (Eltako FSR14) reacts.

    If i communicate just to the FSR14 (via wall-connectors or app) the TFL100L does not react.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?


    Lieber Wibutler,

    Ich habe kürzlich den Eltako TF100L-230V Funk-Netzschalter hinzugefügt. Das Hinzufügen zum Wibutler verlief reibungslos, es reagiert auch auf das Ein- oder Ausschalten (über die Telefon-App oder eine zeitgesteuerte Regel).

    Aber es ist nicht nur der Stecker, der reagiert, auch ein Schalter in meinem Dinrail (Eltako FSR14) reagiert.

    Wenn ich nur mit dem FSR14 kommuniziere (über Wandanschlüsse oder App), reagiert der TFL100L nicht.

    Irgendwelche Vorschläge, wie man das behebt?


  • Hi @elwinl
    The easiest reason would be a wrong rule. 
    Or something went wrong during the teaching-in process. 
    So the feedback telegram of TF100L was maybe taught in as a switch telegram in fsr14. If that's the case :

    1. fsr14 has two or four channels, choose the one you think TF100L reacts with (with the  lower wheel of fsr14)
    2. turn the centre wheel of fsr14 to: CLR ( it should now start flashing red)
    3. turn TF100L on and off again ( fsr14 should now stop flashing red !!! see below !!! )
    4. turn the centre wheel of fsr14 back to: Auto
    5. turn the channel wheel back to its original position

    !!! if fsr14 does not stop flashing red you chose the wrong channel, than:

    • turn the centre wheel of fsr14 back to: Auto
    • turn the channel wheel to another Channel
    • start with Step 2. again until the light stops flashing red ( maybe you have to try all channels) 

    TF100L should now be taught out

    Its important that you turn the centre wheel back to its original position before you change the channel !!
    If you're not comfortable with this, maybe ask your electrician.

    Greetings Hubi

  • @hubi179 Danke!

    I understand the procedure to teach in directly, but, I've punched the Wibutler to have the Wibutler do all this :-)

    and, I don't want the FSR and TFL to connect, these are two totally independant things.

    I've reset the TF100L before and connected it again to the Wibutler, but no difference. So the signal that the Wibutler sends out, is both received by the TF100L as the FSR14 to go on/off...

    Can you change ID code's or something in the Wibutler to the connected devices?

    ---@ hubi179 Danke!

    Ich verstehe die Vorgehensweise, um direkt zu unterrichten, aber ich habe den Wibutler geschlagen, damit der Wibutler das alles macht :-)

    und ich möchte nicht, dass FSR und TFL sich verbinden, das sind zwei völlig unabhängige Dinge.

    Ich habe den TF100L vorher zurückgesetzt und wieder an den Wibutler angeschlossen, aber kein Unterschied. Also das Signal, das der Wibutler aussendet, wird sowohl vom TF100L als auch vom FSR14 zum Ein- / Ausschalten empfangen ...

    Können Sie ID-Codes oder etwas im Wibutler an den angeschlossenen Geräten ändern?

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @elwinl
    We are not sure if you understood @hubi179 s message correctly. As he said, it's probably not the signal of the wibutler that's causing problems but the return signal of the TF100L. Maybe it was accidently taught in as a switch telegram in the FSR14. In that case, it's not enough to reset the TF100L. It has to be "taught out" in FSR14.
    Did you follow the step by step instruction from @hubi179 ? It was really good actually.
    If you don't feel comfortable with your devices, please do not hesitate to contact an electrician.
    your wibutler-Team