new wibutler pro 2 Alexa/Google Home

  • I saw that the new wibutler pro 2 has Google home integration. Will Google home also work on the current wibutler? Will you stop the Alexa integration (it is not mentioned on the flyer you emailed recently)?

    Will there be an advantage to use Google home over Alexa (as that's quite limited and unreliable).
    Could you please allow the integration to work with Alexa or Google Home accounts outside of Germany? (I love to be able to tell my Alexa it is in Amsterdam, not Germany)

    thank you

  • hi @wibutlersupport , now that the new software update is out, maybe you have time to answer some Community questions (as this one?) danke!

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    Hi @elwinl

    regarding Alexa we will not stop the integration! With our most recent Firmware-Update we were also able to improve the performance here.

    Google Home will work on both wibutler pro generations. In comparison to Alexa we see some advantages that Google Home has. For example it is seamlessly usable with smartphones and it also allows some geofencing functions.
    However unfortunately we do not have any influence on the location settings.


  • @wibutlersupport
    Danke for the update. Do you mean that google Home will be available on the first/original Wibutler? when can we expect that approximately?

  • @elwinl @wibutlersupport could you please respond to the questions in this forum? why dont you take your engaged customers a bit more serious?

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    Hey @elwinl
    sorry for the late response. It is quite obvious that we can improve our response time here and we try our best to do so. However please keep in mind that the main focus of this community is that users help each other.
    Regarding your question - we plan to release Google Home within the next weeks.