Alexa Skill available outside Germany

  • Dear all,
    I have a Wibtler in the Neterlands and the only way i can activate the google alexa skill, is when i tell my Alexa device it is in germany.
    This is because the Wibutler Skill is not available outside germany - i think.
    it seems this is a choise by wibutler to make their skill only available in german speaking territories.

    Anyone has a similar problem?

    @wibutlersupport do you know about this problem? is there a plan to adress this problem? i can imagine it is a simple fix, or does Amazon charge you a lot of money for echt country where your skill is available?


  • @elwinl @wibutlersupport Could you please explain the situation with accessing the Skill outside Germany?


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    Hey @elwinl from what I found Dutch is not supported from side of Alexa, so you would have to use english.
    And it's true that the wibutler skill is only available in Germany as of now.

    What you can try is, with your wibutler skill already activated, to go into the alexa app and go to
    "More" -> "Settings" -> "Alexa App Settings" and change the language to "English -UK" there.
    That should allow you to control your connected devices via alexa in english.
    I know it is only a workaround but maybe it is working for you aswell, until we have activated the skill for additional countries.

  • Dear @appguido thank you for your reply. i have the Wibutler alexa skill working, in english, but had to create a german amazon account. I just don't understand how the proces is for Wibutler to be available in other stores. Does Amazon make it so expensive or difficult for a company to have a skill available in more than 1 country?
    does amazon charge money for it?
    i assume Wibutler Skill is available in Austria and Swiss as well?
    why not other countries? is it just Wibutler who 'forgot' to tick the box for The Netherlands or other countries?

    in other words, it is a deliberate choice (because of money) from Wibutler to not support their customers abroad? or is it just a mistake?

    and will the same be for the Google Home integration? @wibutlersupport

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