I'm looking for a box to equip my house and given that I already have a lighting system installed around Eltako technologies, I am very interested by the Wibutler Pro 2.

One problem is that I cannot find the official compatibility list to check if it fits with all my systems. Is there somewhere where I can find it ?

My second question is about the language, I understand that Wibutler is a german solution and I want to be sure that it is OK for an english or french speaking guy like me.

If somebody have time to go through the list of devices I already have I would be glad to know if they are compatible or not with the solution (without coding skills) :

  • a Eltako serie 14 system to control lights in my house (FUD14, FT4BL (switches), FTS14EM, FAM14, F4SR14-LED),
  • several Velux Integra + KLA 300 + KIX300
  • Netatmo valves for radiators
  • Sonos with alexa
  • a ducobox (ventilation) equipped with an enocean communication module

Is the wibutler pro 2 compatible with these devices ?

Many thanks,