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  • Hi,

    I have a Wibutler(1 gen) that can't be managed with a remote connection. The Wibutler is connected via LAN cable to the ISP's Fritzbox 7530 and is registered in cloud with a Wibutler ID. When I run the app in my smartphone with 4G, the app show me the list with the registered wibutler with the cloud icon but when I tap the button the app show me indefinetely the message "Connection to xxxx was established" without going further.
    Do I have to enable some tcp port forwarding on the Fritzbox? If yes which ones?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

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    Hey @pavonium

    we are sorry to hear about your problems. Please allow us some follow up questions
    When you use Data (so no wifi connection) and you open the wibutler-App

    • you see your home with a cloud symbol?
    • if yes: when you select your home - are you able to put in your user credentials (user name and password)? Or does it stop before?

    Thank you in advance.

    your wibutler-team

  • @wibutlersupport same here, no cloud icon is shown on the login page.

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    @pixelstuermer Hey, please see the other thread you used for this problem. We came back to you there.

  • @wibutlersupport, I see my home with the cloud symbol and now (I don't know why) when select it the app show the credential panel but doesn't recognize my user/pwd. So I can't access remotely.
    The strange thing is that the app give me the same user/pwd error in wi-fi connection but killing the app and reloading it the app logs in automatically showing my devices. This trick doesn't work remotely.
    Best regards.