Minitoring posibility

  • Hi
    I would like to have the posibility in the menu of wibutler to be able to monitor not only consumtion, but whatever device I choose from the ones that are connected to the gateway.
    For example if I have a motion senzor the shut on a light, I would like to know how many times during an interval of time did the senzor started the light, or how much did the light was on (not necesary how much energy did use, but just how much time was on)
    This was just an example. I do consider that if I would be able to monitor the connected items this way I can make adjustment in the automation rules and I can get a much more eficient system.

    Looking forward for your anwer to this topic.
    Best regards
    Daniel C

  • Global Moderator

    Hello @csdanis,

    thank you for this interesting suggestion. Actually, we do not work on this topic, due to other, higher prioritized topics. But if we start to do so, we will inform you.

    Best regards,
    your wibutler-TEam