programming tips please

  • Gutentag,

    I have just installed the Wibutler to my Opus Greennet (eltako) system.

    Before I put a lot of effort in programming all my buttons, I was hoping for some tips, any suggestions before I start? things to do, avoid, how to structure my setup, etc.


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  • A general rule:
    Still use the direct connections.

    It does not matter, if you use Wibutler or something else, but every system can get damaged, then you need your direct connections.

    Just use the Wibutler as Add-On for automation or for scenes.
    So, learn in your actors (like for lamps or shutters) and program your scenes, rules, use Alexa with them or whatever.

    But if Wibutler is not working, you can still switch on your light or move up the shutters by the direct connections.

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    Hi @elwinl
    could you implement the suggestions of @lessandro? What is the current state of your programming ? If you have further questions, please let the community know.
    best regards
    your wibutler-Team