switch does not "know" the lamp is already off...

  • gutentag,

    I'm looking for some suggestions to avoid this situation;

    I created a rule, if switch 1 is pushed, the switch-relay "table lamp" goes on.
    other rule I created; if switch 2 is pushed, all (I selected every dimmer and relais individually) goes off.

    They both work; if I press 1 then my table-light goes on (again then it goes off), if I press button 2 then all goes off. But, when I now want the table to go on again, I need to press button 1 twice... (probably one time for this rule to switch it off, next time to switch it on again). Anyway to avoid this?

    So I don't want to wast 2 buttons for the table-light to go on/off, I want 1 button to make it go on when it is off, and off when it is on.

    any suggestions?

    guten Tag,

    Ich suche einige Vorschläge, um diese Situation zu vermeiden;

    Ich habe eine Regel erstellt, wenn Schalter 1 gedrückt wird, geht die Schalter-Relais "Tischlampe" an.
    andere Regel, die ich geschaffen habe; Wenn der Schalter 2 gedrückt wird, erlischt alles (ich habe jeden Dimmer und jedes Relais einzeln ausgewählt).

    Sie arbeiten beide; Wenn ich 1 drücke, geht meine Tischlampe an (wieder geht sie aus), wenn ich Taste 2 drücke, geht alles aus. Aber wenn ich jetzt möchte, dass der Tisch wieder geöffnet wird, muss ich die Taste 1 zweimal drücken ... (wahrscheinlich einmal, damit diese Regel ihn ausschaltet, das nächste Mal, um ihn wieder einzuschalten). Wie auch immer, um dies zu vermeiden?

    Ich möchte also nicht zwei Knöpfe für das Ein- und Ausschalten der Tischleuchte verschwenden, sondern nur einen Knopf, damit sie eingeschaltet wird, wenn sie ausgeschaltet ist und ausgeschaltet, wenn sie eingeschaltet ist.

    irgendwelche Vorschläge?

  • As explained in the dimmer thread. You would avoid the situation with the direct connection.

    If your button is connected directly you could switch it on and off by the one button directly. (It does not matter if Wibutler is working or not which is a positive side effect) and with the other button you switch all off via Wibutler.

    If you press the first button again, the actor "knows" that it is off, so it goes on directly, so you willnot have your problem described.

  • @lessandro thank you again for this.

    I have purchased the Wibutler to avoid programming directly on the Eltako dimmers abs Switches, because there is no interface to do so (other then 1 to 1 connecties).
    If you know a way how to programme the Eltako hardware please let me know as I have spend a lot of time looking for this but could not find any system, therefore i choose Wibutler.

  • You do not need to do some programming for the simple stuff like switching.

    You have the Actors and Sensors and you do not need to do something else then teaching your sensors (in your case the PTMs) to your actors. The Eltako actors have a small wheel with it you can define, how you want to teach in your PTM (Completely, or single button, On, Off, dimming to a special value, whatever). Thats it, no programming, just configuring during the teach-in process.

    With this configuration you can switch it directly.

    And additionally for your light scenes or behaviour depending on other sensors, or for voice control with Alexa you can use the Wibutler.

    You can use both ways at the same time.

  • @lessandro thank you, i know that, but I'm looking to programme more complex.

    So my original question, see first text, remains.
    Anyone suggestions?


  • @elwinl

    Of course, you can programme however you want.

    I just want to advise you first to think of what can be solved via direct connection and for what the Wibutler is used better.
    So that you will not make yourself unhappy.

    Concerning your direct question I cannot help you, I did not implement complex functions in Wibutler, for this I use a Beckhoff PLC (which allows me complete free programming). Wibutler I use only as Alexa-interface to my PLC.

    I don't know if it is possible to do something similar in Wibutler, but in my PLC I would use an

    IF Button_pressed THEN
    IF Actor-State is On THEN
    send off
    send on

    But as I said, I don't know if you can differentiate between two cases inWibutler, perhaps someone else can help you with this.